Something a little “different”

Nat & Paul's wedding reception using the Retro Roadshow
Nat & Paul’s wedding reception using the Retro Roadshow

This particular wedding was AWESOME!

Don’t get me wrong….all weddings are brilliant, unique and special in their own way. But Natalie & Paul’s was different….

It all started with the pre-wedding meeting in our local Starbucks over a caramel macchiato on a Sunday afternoon.

During the meeting, I’ll normally scroll through a few photos of how the disco can look when in-situ, and happened to show Natalie and Paul an image of my old fashioned 1980s setup.

In those days, the light show consisted of a LOT of incandescent light bulbs. The equipment was mainly home-made, it was hot, heavy, and to my mind….used to look fantastic.

At this point, Natalie and Paul surprised me!

The current trend for wedding DJs is to do everything “just so”. Brides and Grooms quite rightly expect the absolute best for their big day. The problem is, it means that all wedding discos now look the same. We all use the same looking setup, we all take massive playlists/do not play lists, do things in a certain way, carefully match the first-dance lighting to the colour scheme of the day…..

I’m just as guilty as every other wedding DJ on all of the above points.

However, whilst sipping on the Caramel Macchiato, it transpired that Paul himself was a mobile DJ back in the 90s. The Retro Roadshow is exactly the type of setup he used…..and that’s why they chose this option.

The conversation very quickly turned into a trip down memory lane that afternoon, and I left Starbucks looking forward to this particular wedding in a big way!

On the day itself, a massive fan was needed behind the scenes. It was the hottest day of the year and working behind 2Kw of electric light bulbs was a little warm to say the least.

It was more than worth it though….the effect produced and the music Nat & Paul had requested was a real trip down memory lane.

Interested in using the Retro Roadshow for YOUR wedding?

This particular light show is used on average around 12 times a year for weddings (I know….it surprises me!). It’s always nice to use something different from everyone else though, so it’s always a pleasure.

Why not get in touch at for a no obligation chat about YOUR wedding plans?

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