How to choose a wedding DJ

You’ve spent hours, possibly even months choosing your venue, your dress, your cake, your photographer….do you really want to leave the entertainment to chance?

Surprisingly, many couples select their Wedding DJ more by luck than chance, preferring instead to go for the cheapest option possible (after all, a DJ only plays a few songs for the evening….don’t they?)

Actually, it’s not quite that simple….

Of course it may be that all you need is somebody with some flashing lights, loud speakers and a collection of music…..or maybe you’d like something a little more bespoke to your wedding day?

There are many different types of DJ, all offering different types of service and different prices from the unbelievably low to the eye-waveringly expensive. There are some important things to consider before booking your Wedding DJ though.

  • Do they have experience in providing the entertainment for your day, whether that’s including the ceremony and wedding breakfast, or just the evening reception?
    A wedding is a very different type of “party” to say, a 50th birthday. There’s a much wider age range of guests, all with different tastes in music for a start. And then there’s the formalities of the day such as your grand entrance to your wedding venue, how the first dance is handled, and the amount of preparation that goes into providing wedding entertainment.
  • Do they have a backup plan?
    You normally only plan to marry once, so it’s important that if things do go wrong, there’s a backup plan in place. For instance, does your DJ have backup lighting, sound equipment, transport etc? What would happen if their one and only laptop refused to start on the day, or if their only set of speakers wouldn’t play music?
  • Are they insured?
    It’s a question which many brides may not even think of, but behind the scenes more and more venues are insisting that external suppliers such as DJs carry public liability insurance. As a condition of the insurance, many underwriters will also insist that electrical equipment has been annually safety checked (PAT tested). Can your chosen DJ provide proof of both of these? If not, they may not be allowed to work in your venue!
  • Will they work WITH you?
    It’s your special day and you quite rightly expect things to go the way you’ve planned.  Will your chosen DJ play the types of music you and your guests want to hear (and similarly, NOT play the types of music you don’t want to hear)? Will they accept guest requests on the night or do they rely on a “set list” that they use at every party? Can they tailor their equipment setup to match in with any specific venue decor arrangements you may have?
  • Do they have a good reputation?
    It goes without saying that in this trade as with any other, there are a fair number of people that shouldn’t be providing a service. Bad reviews quickly spread online – make sure you look for information on the internet and Social Media about your chosen DJ.
  • Does your DJ have knowledge of your chosen venue?
    Maybe not quite so important, but it can be a real bonus. All venues have their little quirks, whether that’s the way the venue is designed, the fitting of a sound limiting device which needs to be worked with, or some obscure rules and regulations. Does your chosen DJ know about any of these in your venue?
  • Does your DJ provide a written contract?
    Again, an important one. It assures you of the service you’ve agreed and commits the DJ to actually providing the service in the first place.

There are, of course many other things to consider when selecting your ideal wedding DJ. For more ideas, why not visit my main website at

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