Something different during your wedding reception?

Shoe-GameFancy something a little different during your wedding reception?

Rapidly joining us from the other side of the Atlantic are a variety of games and fun which, although have been used in the USA for a number of years are only just starting to become popular here.

Here are just a couple of ideas from some of the activities I can provide.

The Shoe Game

Are you old enough to remember Derek Batey’s Mr & Mrs Game on a weekday lunchtime? (I am!).

This is a slight twist on the original format and is guaranteed to have your guests in stitches!

How does it work? It’s really simple. 

More details can be found at

Want to see an example? Here’s Kimberley and Jason’s shoe game:

Pearls of Wisdom

This one tends to take place during the wedding breakfast, and relies on your guests offering you pearls of wisdom for a long and happy marriage.

Cards are placed on the tables for your guests to complete with just one question:

“My one tip for a long and happy marriage would be……”

Once completed, the cards are collected and assembled into an album for you to keep. BUT….it’s always nice to read out some of the funnier ones to the guests as well (usually just after the speeches)

The Anniversary Game

Similar to the Pearls of Wisdom above, your guests are given a card to complete. The difference being that the cards are numbered for various important wedding anniversaries (for instance your first, fifth, tenth etc.)

These cards are then sealed in envelopes and given to you… be opened on the anniversary in question.

It’s a nice way to remember your wedding day for a long time to come…

For more ideas for YOUR wedding reception entertainment, or to discuss your plans for YOUR big day, why not head over to my official website at for more information

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